About Us

Welcome to bulldog Models!

Bulldog Models us a UK based 3D Printing company founded in 2020 during a worldwide pandemic. We are a small startup company that has a passion for 3D Printing and Scale Models.

Our founder Chris has a huge passion for Scale Models and over the years has had many accidents involving his products such as Tamiya Extra Thin Cement and knocking them over causing them to spill, often destroying cutting mats and models along the way.

Chris decided enough was enough and started to develop products from the ground up using state of the art 3D modelling software and purchased some high-quality 3D printers to make products to help fellow Scale Modellers in the same position.

After many weeks of testing, adjustment and further testing we launched our first few products with overwhelming success! So much so that it was not long before the demand for our products required our Print Farm to expand and we took on even more 3D Printers to cope with the orders coming in!


With the rapid expansion that we experienced, we quickly found ourselves requiring more space and even more printers.  We could have taken on an Industrial Unit, however, this costs a lot of money per month and that would mean our products would have incurred a rise in price to cover these overheads.  This is something we really did not want to do to our customers.

Which brings us to our solution! We decided to convert our garage into a fully fledged print farm as like most of us, our garage was just a storage room for junk! 

We quickly decluttered and set to work building the print farm, running in all the electrics, building stud walls and insulating and heating the farm to make sure nothing happens with our printers.

At this moment in time the print farm is fully functional, we have a few finishing touches still to do but that will come in time.

Thank you everyone who has purchased from us so far and helped us get closer to our dream, it means the world to us and we would not be where we are now without you!